Homemade liqueurs and brandies

  • Pelješac

Natural products and premium drinks from the Pelješac peninsula
“A good home-made drop used to be highly appreciated… We keep up today.”

 Many years of experience in the production of liqueurs and spirits that we produced for friends following old family
recipes have led us to open our own production business. Longtime patient and hard work of the whole family
supplemented by the skillful art allows us to present our range of 18 products, indigenous liquors and spirits from the
Peljesac peninsula.

The basic objective of this family program consists in transforming of the pristine nature of the Peljesac
peninsula into bottles of genuine gourmet drink. All herbs and fruits that we use for production, we gather and collect
from the natural and ecologically clean environmental area.

Climate of Peljesac peninsula where there is no industry neither any kind of pollution with plenty of sunshine and
proximity of the sea, allow to plants and fruits to grow on poor soil containing a concentrate of aromatic and mineral
substances that we use. These beverages contain alcohol in a ratio acceptable for every drink.